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The Activation Inner Circle

Hello My Beautiful Lady!!

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Once you’ve done this you’ll be ready to get activated.

*Remember: Follow the order of each step and do not skip
around, especially when you dive into each month's Activation.


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You're invited to join me and my team on two LIVE Activation Kit Coaching Sessions each month.

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You will receive an exclusive one-on-one Welcome call with me. This is an opportunity for her to get to know you and your business more closely. On your Welcome Call, she'll share a personalized plan for getting the most out of your time in the Inner Circle.


A BIG and beautiful welcome inside The Activation Inner Circle, Sis...

Me and the entire team, plus hundreds of amazing female entrepreneurs in our entire community of are SO excited to officially be in your corner.

We’re here for YOU, Sis!

To celebrate the wins on the unbelievably good days, and to share your struggles on the not so good days.

Now I can’t promise you that the entrepreneurial journey that you are taking will be easy.

By taking this leap of faith, you’ve officially agreed to take the road that many will never take.

The road to getting ACTIVATED, not of frills, fluff, and foolishness...


This is not the road marked with Wishing Drive or Hoping Lane.

What I CAN promise you one thing, Sis!


It will be worth it.

And that you don't ever have to do it all by yourself.

Because believe me, I know exactly what that looks like 🙁

Yes, after lots of trial and error, I was able to put together all of the puzzle pieces and figure it out, but goodness gracious... 


It was hard not having anyone in my corner, no support, nobody who understood what I was going through...


And no friends and family who understood my dream!

But you, my Sweet Sister, can kiss those "struggle bus" days goodbye...


Because now that you’ve joined this tribe of blessed, driven, goal-oriented, hardworking, likeminded, and really amazing ladies, from all over the world, who are cheering you on and so ready to be activated.

So CONGRATULATIONS for being a bold, brave, courageous, and wonderful Activated Woman!!  


I’m so beyond proud of you 🙂

So, will you be my very special guest, Sis?!!

Keep scrolling to have a read of what steps to take next... I'll see you inside 🙂