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Introducing The March/April

2021 Virtual Weekend Experience...



The ONLY Three Pillars You Need To Build A 7-Figure Coaching Business From Scratch

Hey Sis,

Imagine this.. 

You Suddenly Lose Everything.


Your brand authority. 


Your Facebook following. 


All your money. 


But you've still got a mortgage to pay.


A family to feed. 


Debt collectors calling your phone. 


What would you do over the next 30 days to build a profitable lifestyle business from scratch?


For too many female entrepreneurs in 2021, having to start over was not just a scary thought.. 


But a heartbreaking reality. 


If we've all learned one thing as female entrepreneurs..


Anything could change at any time 


Which got me thinking.


If I had to start from zero...


What would I do differently?


What steps would I take first? 


What are the key things I'd focus on?


And in what order?


To rebuild The Activation Inner Circle from scratch?


If you are a female entrepreneur struggling to hit your Freedom Metric.. 


Or are at that next level of business looking to scale rapidly to 7-Figures..


Then this will be the most important event you will attend all year. 


At the upcoming Virtual Activation Weekend Away, we're going to take it right back to basics to show you how we would rebuild our 8-Figure empire from the ground up if we were starting over TODAY.


Because here's the thing...


After 6 years working with female entrepreneurs globally, we've learned what it REALLY takes to build a successful business - on repeat


It isn't about being the most experienced... 


It isn't about having a huge following on Facebook or Instagram... 


It isn't about being rich and having heaps of money to start with..


It is about knowing which key pillars to focus on and in which order to implement them. 


With so many 'gurus' online pouring junk into our news feeds and inboxes..


It's impossible to know who to listen to...


And to truly focus on the key steps that will grow a sustainable and profitable coaching business.. 


Without burning you out.. 


And costing you a fortune to implement.  


Unless you're able to cut through this noise and take real, revenue-generating action (and fast)...


You will NOT be able to grow your business.


That's why at The Activation Weekend Experience, we'll be laying aside the

over-complicated marketing approaches that simply don't work... 


And outline the EXACT steps we would take to scale to 7-Figures in the most efficient way possible..


So you can leave with a clear action plan to cut-through the noise, and build your dream business. 


I'll be taking you through the Three Pillars EVERY female entrepreneur needs to master to grow a profitable lifestyle business.  


The same system I would implement right now if I lost everything and had to start over with no money and no following..


The system I have never downloaded into an action plan like this...


Designed to take you from Day 0 through to 7-Figure Female Entrepreneur...


Without the overwhelm of 'guru' tactics and 'get rich quick' schemes that not only waste your money.. 


But destroy your valuable time. 


Time that is better spent investing in the right activities implemented in the right order.  

Over our 2-days together, we'll be: 

  • ​Sharing the exact steps we would take right now to scale from 0 to 7-Figures (with no following, no team and no budget) 

  • Taking you behind-the-scenes of The Activation Inner Circle business by sharing real, tactical standard operating procedures, and offers;

  • ​Completing challenges to get you "Activated";

  • And developing action plans and strategies to take you from the ground up...


Want to hear the best part? 


Back by popular demand, you'll be able to join this Virtual Activation Weekend Expereince LIVE from the comfort of your home. 


We'll hook you up with an event schedule, and a series of workbooks and private links for you to access EVERYTHING over the 2-days including...

  • Keynote sessions with me and my Expert Team

  • Expert Activation Hubs to get stuff done together;

  • ​"Ask Me Anything" Panels to get real and raw on life and business;

  • Virtual Cocktail Lounges to hang out and connect;

  • ​Activation Achievement Awards to celebrate and be inspired;

  • ​[NEW] Three Distinct Learning Pathways based on our 3 Pillars of Profit (Never shared before..)

  • ​And many other secret goodies!

And much more...

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We Are Coming To Your Living Room LIVE...

US / Africa / Europe / Asia 

Virtual Weekend Experience



March 27th - 28th 2021

RSVP Virtual USA/Africa/Europe/Asia Activation Weekend Experience March/April 2021 *


Don't Want To Join Alone? 


We are excited to provide you with the opportunity to bring a fellow like-minded female entrepreneur who is also wants to build or already has her own business. This should be someone you know would benefit from attending our virtual event!

On the thank you page you'll be able to register your friend ;-)

This is a fabulous opportunity to learn practical and powerful strategies and to network from the comfort of your own home! If you have a friend who is ready to be Activated, make sure you fill out their details so they can come along and get Activated with you!


At The Virtual Weekend Experience, You Will Get Access To:

Two Incredibly Power-Packed Days of "Getting Activated"  

These incredible, inspiring and action-packed weekends will leave you refreshed, recharged, and on fire for your destiny, 100% supercharged for your future…

We will also give you practical steps and strategies so you can immediately start working with us to help you automate your business, deliver and delight, have more discovery calls, confidently present your offer, craft marketing messages, brand awareness, shift your mindset, and grow a gifted team to support you a profitable business.

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Doing Hubs With Tracy's Experts

You'll have access to Tracy's Team of Experts during the Virtual Activation Hubs! 

This is where each of the Experts will go deeper into ONE practical Activation during breakouts.

You'll be able to take part in several transformational Activation Hubs over the 2 days... no more guesswork - just proven, tried, and tested expert strategies to grow your business :-)

Network & Collaborate

Over the course of the virtual event you will be able to meet and get to know our team and members of the Activation Inner Circle community. 

This is an incredible time to connect and collaborate with other women who know what you're experiencing, the benefits, and what it's really like to be a female entrepreneur!

You will be blown away by our Live Networking Sessions!  :-) 


Your Weekend Away Host And

Keynote Speakers...



Founder Of The Doers Way

Founder of the Doers Way and leader of one of the world's fastest growing online communities for female entrepreneurs, Grace is passionate about empowering and equipping women.  With her Doing Revolution has reaching 80+ countries, she has two big motivators that drive her:

1) A passion to connect women with other like-minded female entrepreneurs to make the road less lonely...

2) A belief that when women are empowered with practical, doing steps, they're going to be more successful.



Strategic Coach & Mentor



Product Creation Expert



Rachael Carpenter

Acquisition Expert


Rachael Carpenter

Acquisition Expert


Rachael Carpenter

Acquisition Expert



Strategic Coach & Mentor



Product Creation Expert



Rachael Carpenter

Acquisition Expert


Rachael Carpenter

Acquisition Expert


Rachael Carpenter

Acquisition Expert

Your Weekend Experience Host And

Keynote Speakers...


Founder Of The American Association of Female Entrepreneurs and The Activation Inner Circle

Innovative leader of one of the world's most supportive online communities for female entrepreneurs, Tracy is passionate about empowering and equipping women to turn their passion into profit.  Her Activation Revolution has reached 60+ countries and her destiny is connected to: 

1) Connecting women to their God-given gift and other like-minded female entrepreneurs to soar together...

2) Activating women to dream bigger and know that anything is possible when you're determined to fulfill your assignment on Earth.

Dion Davis

Mindset Coach & Mentor

Nellie Corriveau

Sales & Visibility Strategist


Lola Ru

Product Creation & Sales Copywriting Expert

Humaira Akhter

Brand Visibility


Charlotte Avery

The Family Strategist™

Author, TV Visibility Expert

Hannah Agustin

Business Growth &

Lifestyle Expert

Jenna Deardorff

Sales Funnel


Wisdom Oben

Brand Story Creation Expert

Rumbidzai Shereni

Business Growth & Social Media Specialist

Benjamin Minnow

Branding & Design


Linda Huni

Customer Success & Outsourcing Expert

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Becoming A 7-Figure Female Entrepreneur
How to power pass every impossibility to build your expert status and credibility using your God-given gift.


Sell Without Selling

How to create a strong high ticket and low ticket offers that sells while you           sleep


Storytelling in Advertising
How to weave your journey into your emails and Facebook ads in a way that speaks your market’s language.


Your Brand Essence
How to identify your unique brand essence in the marketplace, and resonate creatively with your market.


Your Presence on Social Media
How to make your personality bust through the noise and clutter of Instagram and Facebook so you can build trust with your market online.


Customer Success
How to deliver and delight so you can build like, love, and trust with your clients.


​Communication Mastery
How to master the art of speaking through the Law of Attraction

The Transformational Mindset
How to discover your true and authentic potential, and share your message with the masses 

Pinpoint Visibility

How to get seen in the media and create magnet content that captivates your market

Exactly Who Is This Weekend Experience For?

You're likely to experience the most productive 2 days you've had in years if...

  • You are a coach, consultant or professional service business looking for a proven business acceleration and client attraction system QUICKLY...

  • You've been watching my business as it's grown and would like to create a business similar to mine in your niche and market...

  • ​You're a female entrepreneur who is ready to slap perfectionism and fear in the face and a gal ready to take action and completely activate every area of your life within the next 12 months 

  • ​ You're an Activated Woman that's coachable and no longer going to delay your destiny, complain, or make excuses about what's possible for you...

  • You are eager to learn from and partner with the most anointed business and marketing experts who will hold you accountable and who actually want you to WIN!

And Claim Your Free Ticket

Questions You Might Have

Frequently asked questions

Who can attend these events?

These events are reserved for full paying members of the Activation Inner Circle with the only exception being a Bring-A-Friend Tickets. See below for more information :-) We will open the doors to non-members at a rate of $97 per person.

Can I Bring A Friend?

YES! We would love for you to invite a friend to join us for this virtual experience. As long as she is a like-minded female entrepreneur who is ready to get activated... she can join us! She doesn't have to have a business yet. As long as she wants to build her life and business on her own terms and you think she will benefit from attending the event, bring her along! We will activate her and set her on fire for her destiny and her business!

How Much Is The Activation Weekend Experience For A Member Of The Activation Inner Circle?

This event is completely 100% FREE for all ACTIVE MEMBERS!

How will this Virtual Experience work?

Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, instead of our regular face-to-face events, you will be joining us from the comfort of your own home! You'll receive everything you need to succeed during this event, including: - Your Weekend Event Schedule - Activation Resources - Private links for you to access our Keynote sessions with Tracy, Expert Doing Hubs, "Ask My Anything" Panels, virtual Cocktail Lounges, Coffee Breaks and more.

Can I become a vendor and sell my programs, products, and services?

There will be an exclusive vendor hotspot for paid vendors to share their offers with everyone in attendance. To learn more about vendor fees, be sure to register for access to vendor information.

And Claim Your Free Ticket