Back By Popular Demand, The NEW Virtual Course Creation Retreat:

Tracy Malone Personally Helps You Launch Your Online Course In This Power-Packed 2-Day Event... 

So You Can Enjoy More Scalable, Profitable, Hands-Free Income In 2021!

Keyboard and Mouse

The Virtual Course Creation Retreat is an intimate, private and exclusive 2-Day Done-With-You experience. Get Doing from the comfort of your home this February...

2-Days Packed Full of Learning, Getting Activated, and Support...

Hey Sis, 

Are you ready to finally create and launch your first bankable online course? 

If so, then this will be the most important event you attend all year. 


Tracy Malone

Founder of The American Association of Female Entrepreneurs

Finally have the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality, take your course ideas running through your brain and put them into a gorgeous program in just 2-days. 

This is NOT another tele-workshop or online training seminar... 

This is an intimate, Done-With-You event that combines "learning" with "activating" you to succeed in a proven way. 

Together, we'll implement my simple, easy, and fully automated Course Launch System in your coaching business. 

This is the exact system that has been responsible for the success of my own 6-figure courses and weekly launches... 

And the same system that has helped thousands of women fast track to confidence and stop trading time for money, so they can build profitable, lifestyle businesses. 

I'm talking fabulous women in a wide range of industries including...

  • Parenting

  • Entertainment

  • Digital marketing

  • Publishing

  • Relationships

  • Etiquette

  • Dating

  • ​Weight loss

  • ​Fitness

  • ​Kids with behavioral challenges

  • Mindset

  • Anxiety

  • Video Production

  • Social media marketing​​

  • Dog training​

  • Gardening 

And so many more... 

Can you imagine the power of you having a thriving business that gave you the lifestyle freedom you've been praying for? 

A business that brings in more recurring and consistent income... without having more one-on-one clients? 

Imagine if you could share your Bankable Gift with thousands of like-minded people?


What kind of impact could you make in this world, if that was your reality?

Well, that's exactly what I want to help you achieve at The Virtual Course Creator Activation Retreat this February. 


Before I go on, I want to deal with something...

This isn't the first time I've worked closely with female entrepreneurs to get their courses up and running... 

I've seen some women take my advice, follow the Activation Steps, and make 5-figures with their course in a just a week or less!

Some have even made over $60,000 with their first course... 

But a lot of the time, that kind of rocket launch is just not the case. 

Unfortunately - at least, in my experience - many who attend this 2-day event will do very little or even sometimes nothing... 

With all the information, strategies, insight, software, and support that my team and I will give them....


They do nothing :(

Especially if they don’t follow the instructions and take BIG action.

As a business owner, your success will ultimately ALWAYS be 100% up to you!

News Flash: I am not running this event for those types of people.


Girl, you know exactly who I am talking about…


Those that talk about it... but don't want to be about it...


The non-action takers...


The crybabies, the complainers, the excuse makers, the hoping and wishing folks, and the plenty get rich quick gals.

I Am Hosting It For Serious Gals Who Want To Be Activated Like You!


Someone who will take action and make the most out of our amazing 2-days together…

So, if you are interested in taking advantage of the automated, hands-free power of an online course in your coaching, consulting, or professional services business…

…and are interested in finding out more about what our 2-days together will look like…

It’s time to step up and prepare for your next level in business :)

It’s time to declare that you won’t be one of those attendees…

…that does little or absolutely nothing with what I am about to give you at this amazing Retreat.

But instead, you will make this event a defining moment of your life.

A Warning Though: There Are VERY Limited Spots Available At This Amazing Retreat

So, if you are ready to get this done...


To create, build, launch, and fill your own profitable online course with the help of me and very own team of experts...

Then keep reading all the way through this letter, otherwise next time you come back to this page... 

The spots could all be taken.

With that being said, let me share this fabulous opportunity with you....


Introducing: The Virtual Course Creation Retreat

The 2-Day Virtual Experience Designed To Help YOU Create, Launch, And Fill Your First Bankable Online Course Quickly

After the massive success of my Five Day Challenges and Course Creator Masterminds (which sold out in just a matter of days)... 

I knew I wanted to give more women the opportunity to apply my highly sought after Course Creator Launch System with the help of my team and I. 

Listen... when I say "virtual retreat", I don't mean that this event is a standard online workshop or virtual seminar where hundreds of people will be hanging out... 

No, this is a super intimate, LIVE Done-With-You Experience for a small group of serious women who want to get Activated. 

You and I will be working closely and getting "Activated" together... 

Plus, you'll work with my team of designers, funnel-builders, course creators, copywriters, email marketing strategists, product launchers, and tech specialists in their own Bankable Gift area too. 

You'll be able to ditch the overwhelm...


Avoid making mistakes... 

Doubting yourself... 

And instead, follow my mind blowing system to fast-track to your long awaited, highly anticipated course launch. 

Want to know the best part? 

You'll be "Activated"... from the comfort of your own home! 

All you'll need to access this system is a laptop, internet and data, notebook, and ready to be Activated attitude...

So, if you're truly serious about launching this course in 2021, then attending this event is going to be a game-changer. 

Here's How It Works:

The Virtual Course Creator Activation Retreat Is A Hands-On Experience...

​Together with the other special guests from all over the world, you'll jump in LIVE and start Activated immediately. 

Together, we'll work to get your course in full motion and ready to launch.

Let's take a look at exactly what we'll be getting done in this exclusive retreat together:

Day #1:

Creating Your Course

Our first step will be to take your Bankable Gift out from hiding, and put together your stunning online course content. 

Together, we'll map out everything including your modules, lessons, downloadable worksheets, and talking points using my signature Start to Finish Course Creator Formula...

We'll give your course a HOT name, design your home studio...

And even create a Production Timeline (using my swipeable excel template), so your course can knock out filming and editing and the presentation... without the guesswork. 

Day #2:

Filling Your Course

Then on Day #2, we'll focus on filling your course with students from all over the world...

Even if you've don't have a budget, don't have any content, and are nervous about the tech!


You'll work in an immersive environment with me, as well as my designer, content creator, social media marketing strategist, funnel builder, and copywriter, to craft your 30-day "Flip It Upside Down," Launch Strategy. 

This Strategy allows you to start filling your course with paying students, and making money before you even write your content!

Plus, of course I'll be sharing our actual design and tech templates, marketing funnels, Facebook ads, posts, sales letter frameworks, and email swipe files... so you can take BIG action faster, without any excuses.

So, Who Are The Experts Who Will Be Helping You Launch Your Course?

So, Who Are The Experts Who Will Be Helping You Launch Your Course?

These are my funnel experts, mindset coaches, automation specialists, Facebook ad experts, copywriters, course creators, product launchers, and marketing strategists... 

All who help me build, launch, and fill my own 6- and 7-figure courses every single day. 

They all have a unique, God-given talent (aka. a Bankable Gift) that they can't wait to share with you... 

So no matter what question or barrier  that is standing between you and the success of your online course...

You'll have someone to show you the simplest, smartest, and fastest path through!

Here's The Team:


Founder of The Course Creator Program

You and I will work together to plan out your course creation, develop your sales strategy and lay out the foundation so we get the most out of our two amazing days together!


Passion to Profit Strategist

As an expert in all things Passion, Tokunbo will help you get clear on which gift to focus on as you prepare to launch your bankable course.


Mindset Strategist

Walkthrough Dion's simple hacks dedicated to rewiring your mindset, allowing you to be the very best version of yourself and to unlock your full potential.


Customer Success Automation Specialist

Make the infrastructure of your course less overwhelming with a more streamlined automation system with the tools you will need to succeed and nurture your students.


Head Copywriter 

Craft your landing page using Lola's simple formula. Your marketing message will come easy, even if you're not a trained (or confident) writer.


Social Media Specialist

Leave the positioning and packaging on social media so you can WOW your your students with a gorgeous mockups and a stunning portal that is user friendly and customized so that you can launch much faster.  

Don't Build Your Business Alone...

This is your opportunity to finally overcome those roadblocks that have been holding you back from launching your course for so long -- months (and even years)!

This is your opportunity to get your unique questions answered...

No more generic cookie cutter advice and training...

Just actionable, interactive, Done-With-You implementation time with a team of Experts who can show you the quickest way to absolute success. 

It get's better though, Sis, because...

While We Are Working Together To Launch Your Course, My Team Will Be Busy...

Giving You A Done-For-You Course Membership Site!

What does this mean?


This means that we are going to take your course details, modules, worksheets, and even your very own brandng... 


And building it into a gorgeous membership website that will WOW your course students.

Yep, you can leave 100% of the tech-work up to us :-) 


You see, I didn't want you to leave this event pumped up and super excited to get your course launched... 


Only to find yourself stressed in techy overwhelm :( 


That's why I decided to headache-proof this Activation and make it 10x easier for you to get results much faster...

By simply taking the tech-overwhelm off your plate :-)

my online course portal.jpg

By removing the "techy" out of your online course launch to-do list, you'll be able to save a ton of time and money...

And just focus on becoming an expert in your industry and making your Bankable Gift.... bankable!  


I want you showing up like a boss and creating fabulous content for your paying students and clients.

We'll take care of ALL the set-up. This includes your front end design template, designer theme, learning platform, and your core structure...


So all YOU need to do is drag and drop in your course content, and start filling your program with students. 


These Done-For-You portals are usually sold for $997 USD (still an incredible value)... 


But to reward you for taking BIG Action, and help increase the success of your online course even faster...


You'll Get A Done-For-You Portal Included With Your Ticket :-)

Retreat Date:

Saturday, Feb 27 - Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 (USA) | 11am - 3pm EST

4pm - 8pm GMT  / 8am - 12pm PST

Exclusively for Serious Women

This private, intimate retreat is exclusively for female entrepreneurs who are ready to stop dreaming and desire to get Activated.

This is only for you if:

  • ​You've seen my courses offerings online, loved my course branding, and want a professional online course strategy for your business too...​

  • ​​You've always wanted to create a gorgeous online course but have been procrastinating for far too long (and want to learn how to launch a course right away)...

  • ​​You've created a course but nobody is signing up for your program


This Isn't Just Another Seminar...

 This Is A Hands On Done-With-You Interactive Extravaganza!!

PLUS...You'll Receive These Amazing

Bonuses For FREE!


A Work From Home "Activation" Kit

(Valued At $297)

Work from Home Toolkit mockup.jpg

Avoid frantic note-taking with this Work From Home Activation Kit sent straight to your door!

I've preloaded this kit with notes, worksheets, checklists, additional trainings and more... 

So you can fully immerse yourself in this live Activation Experience without missing a thing :-) 


DIY Design Toolkit

(Valued At $497)


2x Coaching Calls Post-Event

(Valued at $697)

Design Toolkit mockup.jpg

Designing worksheets, tiles, and graphics can be a HUGE time-suck when you're building your online course :-(

But with this toolkit, you'll quickly be able to create gorgeous designs for each of your modules...

Gorgeous worksheets to accompany your lessons... 

And create professional slidepacks in minutes. Just copy, paste and tweak our templates with your content! 

Together, we'll be mapping out your 30-day Roadmap to create, launch, and fill your course QUICK! 

So, to make sure no roadblock or barrier stops you from completing your goals... you'll also receive 2x weeks of post-event coaching calls with Tracy's Expert Team! 

These sessions are valued at $497, but you'll get free access to 2x weeks of calls to strategize and keep the fire burning.

Check Out These Important Details:

1. There Are LIMITED Seats Available Inside This Exclusive Event


2. This Is A Digital Online Event, Hosted Online Via A Top Secret Link 

(Yes, You Can Join From Anywhere In The World!)

3. You'll Then Join Us LIVE On These Dates:

Saturday, Feb 27 - Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 (USA) | 11am - 3pm EST

4pm - 8pm GMT  / 8am - 12pm PST

Work from Home Toolkit mockup.jpg

The Investment:

Option #1:

Fast Action Plan

$997 USD 

$2,997 USD

Option #2:

Flex Plan

3x $397 USD

Total Price: $1,191 USD


Testimonials From Women Who Have Trained With Me Previously...

Tobi Asah_Challenge Testimonial.JPG
Lilian Nkriruka Eze.JPG

Do I Qualify...

Here are the must haves for those attending this retreat...

  • ​You need to have a real business that is established.  This is not for dreamsers... if you are just in 'idea' phase this is probably not for you.


  • ​You need to have a real online business that can benefit from getting leads/new customers online.  If you're a network marketer or not the legal owner of your brand, this is not the event for you.

  • You need to be coachable and willing to listen and respect our expertise.  If you're the type of person who thinks you have a problem that can't be solved, this will not be a good fit. You must be ready to take responsibility and hear what will work and what won't work for your business.

  • You need to be able to make decisions quickly.  If this is not the right time for you to move your business forward, please don't register.  This event will be sold out so only register if you're ready to not talk about it.. but be about it... you have to be able to act now and not afraid of making decisions...

  • ​You need to be prepared to invest in yourself and the success of your business.  This isn't some get-rich-quick scheme that promises you a million bucks while you only invest a small fraction of what you're believing God to make. This is a premium experience designed for those ready to do what they have never done to have what they have never had.  This is for less than 1% of my community who know that this is their season, their time, and their turn and they are ready to invest to get the results they have been praying for in her business. 


  • ​​You need to be willing to get down and dirty and create an asset that can be worth more than your house.  This is not a sit and listen to me all day seminar; this is an Activation. You will get more done in 2 days than you might usually in a year. You must be ready to do the work!!

  • Lastly, we have a strict "no shade" policy.  If you catch an attitude, have an ego, or feel entitled to complain or play the victim, then this is not the spot for you. Life is too short to work with women who don't take charge of their own success.  Anything is possible and can be figured out. My  team and I will not be doing all the work while you just watch... this has to be a team effort. I find it sad that I have to mention this but yes, don't take advantage of my team... but I know you won't do that ;)

Here's Just A Bit Of What We'll Get Doing At This Retreat...

  • Create, plan, and launch your course really fast using our 30-Day Roadmap... know what steps to take and in what order to take them without the guesswork. 

  • Create content and headlines faster than your competitors when you get your hands on my Course Production Timeline (this will set you all the way apart, just like I've been able to do!)

  • Attract only picture perfect clients that you actually want to work with with a Bankable Course Offer that you and I will create together. My goal is to have the right students begging to be part of your course so you can avoid the "I don't have any clients" chitter chatter.

  • Get more students into your course using our FREE Facebook traffic marketing hacks. These marketing hacks are truly powerful and you'll know exactly how to pinpoint them and drive them to your course even before you've launched. 

  • Connect with your clients and have them shocked that you know them better than they know themselves by planning-out the perfect sales page messaging for your market with the help of my Copywriter.

  • Record stunning, professional and natural trainings using my best scripts and filming toolkit... You'll be amazed how confident you'll become even if you're afraid to go live!

  • Have students sign up again and again using my automated retention plan... giving you ongoing, consistent and recurring income WITHOUT having to do more work!

  • Welcome new students as you're sleeping... using my automated 24/7 automation onboarding plan using the exact same email sequences I use.

  • Get paid even AFTER you sell your course… by nurturing the clients that are ready and willing to buy more from you!

  • Become a funnel hacking pro, even if you don't know coding and the technical stuff. Just drag and drop my swipeable course funnel templates and begin attracting high-ticket clients that you will love working with... immediately!     

  • ​Make my signature “Start to Finish" roadmap blueprint work for you. This process tells you precisely which modules to create (and makes brain dumping your course ideas so easy!

  • NAME your course with my simple 3-step process… The first step is done for you as I show you what words to use and why!

  • Map out your own "Production Timeline" using my swipeable template... this is my secret to creating a 6-module course in less than a 48 hours! (If you’re wanting to get your your course up and running right away this will be a gamechanger!

  • Design ​your at-home studio using my design studio decor hacks using things that you walk past in your house each and every day!

  • Wnat to know how your students will access their course?  And for how long?  I'll show you the best options that will work for your course vision.

  • Learn to edit your videos quickly into professional ready to use videos even if you’ve never used video editing software.

  • Create a high-ticket offer that will make your audience beg to be part of your program and packaging it up to sell like hotcakes!

  • My irrestible post purchase “bump ups and up sells” strategies that gets more of your new students to immediately pay you twice as much and you don’t have to create more content to get a sale!

  • Have your sales letter done in less than a day using my "14 Bankable Building Blocks Approach" even if you’re not a “writer” or have never created an offer...

  • Think you need a proven Bankable Gift before you launch your online course, right? NOPE!!  Together, we'll flip the selling game upside down and sell without selling so you never waste your time again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a free portal during the retreat?

Yes, before you leave the retreat you will walk away with your own portal beautifully prepped for your customization.  You will then own your portal.

 I receive a free portal during Should my course content already be created before buying my retreat ticket?

No, ma'am. I will show you exactly how I write my content in less than a day and I will help you build your course structure so you can mirror what I do.


What time will the Virtual Retreat run? 

The Retreat will run from 10am - 3pm EDT (2pm - 7pm GMT) on both days. 

Is this event free for Activation Inner Circle Members?

No, we always give members of the Activation Inner Circle more opportunities to take their business further, and go beyond the training already included in the membership.  Discounted member rates are available for Activation Inner Circle members.

What do I need to prepare

We've got an Activation Checklist we'll send you in advance, so you can feel super confident hopping into the Virtual Retreat, that you're going to get the most out of our time together. 


What if I can't make the dates above?

Sorry, I don't have plans to host this Virtual Retreat again anytime soon. The purchase of this event is nontransferrale and nonrefundable.

How will I join the Retreat? 

All sessions will be hosted through our online virtual platform. You'll receive a link to come inside prior to the big day. 

What stage of business do I need to be in?

No matter where you are in your business or in your course creation journey, you can attend this retreat. 

What if I don't have the time to build out my entire course.

We offer Activated Assistants to support you as your own virtual assistant 110% committed to building your course and business 40-hours a week.  Leave the recruiting and training to us.